Compounding with Confidence

American Specialty Pharmacy's new 503B outsourcing facility in San Antonio specializes in sterile and non-sterile compounding.


American Specialty Pharmacy has a higher standard of customer care throughout the transplant process

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At American Specialty Pharmacy, our patients are the most important aspect of our service. We strive to exceed the expectations set by the communities we cater to.


Become a patient of American Specialty Pharmacy and experience a partnership with the shared goal of optimizing your health. Our experienced staff is dedicated to your well being and our pharmacists are available for any questions or concerns. Our complimentary nationwide home delivery service ensures that you are always current with your medications. A partnership with us is the fist step to helping you Live Better.


Our Mission Statement:

To bridge the gap between providers, manufacturers, payors, and our patient’s unique needs.


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Providers that partner with American Specialty Pharmacy experience a level of service that was previously unheard of. Let us take on the burden of tedious administration or clerical work so that you can spend your time being as effective as possible, treating your patients.


From the moment we receive your patient's prescription we go out of our way to keep you up to date on any news that could effect the outcome of your patient. We have tools and technology that assist in keeping all of our patients adherent to all of their therapies but our greatest strength is our compassionate staff who are dedicated to each of our patients.


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